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Setup: Destination Folder

The Global-OPT Setup Wizard will display the following dialog:

Destination Folder graphic

The default install folder for Global-OPT is C:\Program Files\OPTIMUM Power Technology\Global-OPT. If you wish to install to another folder, click the "Change" button and specify that folder. Note that Global-OPT must be installed to a local hard drive; it may not be installed to a mapped drive or a network drive. If you install for "Just me", the default, Global-OPT will only be available when your Windows user is logged on to this PC. If you install for "Everyone", Global-OPT will be available for any user that logs on to this PC. Click the "Next" button to continue.

Global-OPT has been developed by OPTIMUM Power Technology. For more information, contact:
500 Millers Run Road    P.O. Box 509     Morgan, PA 15064     Phone: 412-257-9070     Fax: 412-257-9011