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Welcome to our new Excel
Global Optimization software paradigm

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Global-OPT is our proprietary and patented Pattern Search, Derivative-Free Optimizer for NON-LINEAR problem solving. 

It uses Design of Experiments to determine the Global optimum.  It can optimize Smooth and not-Smooth, continuous and DISCRETE variable problems. Global-OPT picks up where “Solver” and other software optimizers leave off.


Global-OPT is the deterministic, model-based design optimizer that everyone can use.

Our family of global optimization software products shares a common vision:

Keep it SIMPLE
Price it LOW

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Our entry-level Microsoft Excel (Office 2000 or higher) Add-In optimization software product. Global-OPT is a single objective, multiple constraint, non-linear problem solving and model optimizing software tool.

Global-OPT makes child’s play of finding the global optimum of the pathological Schwefel function, a common Global Optimization problem known for being difficult to solve as it has a geometrically distant global minimum where many optimization algorithms will get stuck in local optima, never finding the global minimum.


·    Set the Objective, the Schwefel Function (in blue), to Minimize

·    Select the X variable (in green) and set its Min/Max (-500 and 500)

·    Select the Y variable (again in green) and set its Min/Max (-500 and 500)

·    Select 'High' for the Exploration Power

·    And lastly, press the 'Optimize' button to find the Global Optimum. Hit 'Refine' twice to get the result shown below.

In a few seconds the coordinates of the minimum value appears. Below you can see the intuitive Global-OPT dialog box and the solution in the spreadsheet.

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  Global-OPT Software Features

·    It is an order of magnitude easier to use than competing systems.  Global optimization tasks are defined in intuitive application performance terms not by abstract mathematical expressions.

·    The solution is starting point independent.

·    The solution is repeatable.

·    It combines robust, full-factorial design of experiments (DoE) with OPTIMUM’s patented global optimization algorithms to solve problems and optimize models with a minimum number of calculations.

·    It is far superior to “genetic/evolutionary algorithms”. It performs fast and economical single-objective global optimizations.

  The Global-OPT paradigm is a “game changer” for engineers, designers, scientists and analysts.

    Global-OPT does NOT

·    Make any linear assumptions

·    Use Meta Models

·    Use approximate Response Surfaces

·   Extrapolate

·   Interpolate


Global-OPT add-in for Excel

Global-OPT, Multi-Objective-OPT, and DOES have been developed by OPTIMUM Power Technology. For more information, contact:
500 Miller's Run Road • P.O. Box 509 • Morgan, PA 15064 • Phone: 412-257-9070 • Fax: 412-257-9011 •
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